Cee Lo announced on Ellen that he would be leaving The Voice and this news kinda surprised one coach, Blake Shelton.  Blake said, "Even though I hate hearing that I'm hearing it right now for the first time and I campaigned a lot for Cee Lo to stay."

Blake also said "I knew what the network was doing with changing coaches in and out but I figured, I dunno, in the back of my mind I guess I hoped Cee Lo would be back."


But Blake says he can't blame his friend for wanting to move on to other projects.


"He's got so much going on in his mind and so much creativity that a lifetime probably's not enough to explore everything that he wants to try to do," Blake told reporters. "And he probably feels like he's done his time on a reality show and he's ready to go do...a puppet show or whatever he's got in mind next.  Maybe stripper puppets or something!"