According to Miley Cyrus Ms. Britney Spears is a living legend and she wants everyone to know that.

Speaking to Miley talks about why it was so important for her to collaborate with Britney on her new album Bangerz.  "I think she represented a time when people had a different connection with their fans, there was something about going and buying a record and every Britney record I’ve gone out and I’ve bought, because there’s something about holding that album and you’re excited to see what’s inside," said Miley. "She’s like an icon in that way and so I wanted to bring her back to that."

"I want her to realize how really dope she is and how she’s a living legend," exclaims Miley. "You know, when you’re 30, you don’t realize what you are.  I want her to take herself out of it and realize 'I’m Britney Spears.'