There was a discussion on about Fads and which ones we wished were still around.  Here's the top 8 so far.

1.  Block parties. 

     -- Heck yes. Remember when it was fun and safe to do cook outs and hang?


2.  Rollerblades.

      -- Even roller skating. This needs to come back asap.


3.  Tetherball. 

     -- Nah.


4.  Slap bracelets.   

     -- These were fun at first then they became weapons and it went downhill from here.


5.  Saying "NOT" as a punchline.

     -- Ok. Let's NOT bring this back.


6.  The '90s grunge look.

      -- You first on this one. Im out. haha


7.  Fanny packs.  They're the ultimate in convenience.

      -- Ummmm no.


8.  Mullets.

      -- Same as first.