Last March, Jessica Sharmands lost her memory after an attack of seizures. 

She had no idea who her parents, family, friends or even boyfriend Rich Bishop were. 

He has since had to slowly woo her all over again.

A year later, her memory has still not 100% returned, though it's getting there! She had to get to know her parents and boyfriend all over again from scratch. With their help, she has slowly regained her memory and has been piecing her life back together. 

Jessica and Rich had been dating for seven months when she lost her memory. After leaving the hospital, Jessica struggled to accept Rich. 

"She says: “I remember at one point I was left on my own with him and hated it. I didn’t know him but he was acting like we were in love.

“So two weeks later, I tried to end the relationship. He looked so hurt and promised he would help me remember how great we were together. Seeing how passionate and caring he was finally convinced me he must care for me, so I agreed to give it a shot.”

Rich has since made it his mission to help Jessica fall back in love."

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