Tim Tebow is 27.  Tim wants to play in the NFL.  Jesus obviously doesn't want him to.  Who will win?

Mila Kunis is 31.  Mila was actually born in the Ukraine, back when it was still part of the USSR.  Ashton Kutcher has a baby in her belly and a ring on her finger.  When he hears that song "Happy", he probably thinks it's about him.  And you know what?  HE'S RIGHT.

Al Shearer is 37.  MTV "TRL" VJ and "Punk'd" field agent.

Christopher Gorham is 40.  To ME, he'll always be "Jake 2.0" but most of you would know him as Betty's ex-boyfriend Henry on "Ugly Betty" and the groom Henry on "Harper's Island" . . . who turns out to be THE KILLER.  Oh sorry, did I spoil the ending?  Now he's Auggie Anderson on "Covert Affairs".

CATHERINE BELL is 46"J.A.G." goddess, Major Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie.  Now she's on that show "Army Wives".

Jennifer Flavin is 46.  Sylvester Stallone's "young" wife.


Susan Olsen is 53.  Cindy on "The Brady Bunch".  Now enjoys doing standup comedy and throwing up on morning radio shows.

Sarah Brightman is 54.  Christine in "Phantom of the Opera".  When her ex-husband Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the musical version of "Phantom", he was already planning to cast her as Christine . . . and wrote the song "The Music Of The Night" just for her.

Marcia Gay Harden is 55


Rusty Wallace is 58.  NASCAR redneck.  He drove the #2 Dodge Intrepid for Miller Lite.

JACKÉE! is 58.  SANDRA CLARK ON THE SMASH TV HIT "227".  She also lost some of her delicious candy coating on "Celebrity Fit Club 2".

Bob Backlund is 64.  WWF Hall of Famer.  He lost the WWF Title in 1983 when the Iron Sheik got him with his patented Camel Clutch.  In 1994, Backlund defeated Bret Hart for the title, thanks to HIS finishing move, the Cross-Face Chicken Wing.

Danielle Steel is 67.

ANTONIO "FRICKIN" FARGAS! is 68.  Huggy Bear on "Starsky & Hutch", FLYGUY IN "I'M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA" and last, but not least, Doodlebug Simkins in "Cleopatra Jones"!

Susan Saint James is 68.  "Wife" on "McMillian & Wife", starring HIV-positive Rock Hudson.  She later became Kate on "Kate & Allie".  Susan Saint James was last seen at "Wrestlemania 2" in 1986.  The stars come out for Wrestlemania.


David Crosby is 73.  His liver turns 20 this year!

Lynne Cheney is 73.

DASH CROFTS is 74.  SEALS & CROFTS.  Biggest hit:  1972's "Summer Breeze".  Second biggest hit:  1973's "Diamond Girl".  Next biggest hit:  Rock bottom.  APB on Seals & Crofts.  Somebody look under Loggins & Messina AND Hall & Oates.

Alice Ghostley  (1924 - 2007)  Esmeralda on "Bewitched" and Bernice Clifton on "Designing Women".