Well the people have spoken and given this man over $35,000 to make potato salad.

Yup in a sea of dreams Zach Danger Brown just wanted to make some potato salad.  So, logically, he started a Kickstarter campaign, asking for a measly $10.  Well in just a few days Zach's potato salad ambitions have skyrocketed!

Now if you donate to help out Zach (bro's still learning how to boil potatoes) you not only get to be a part of something seriously epic but you can get a pretty sweet potato salad cookbook!

Oh and in case you wanted to get in on the fun Zach Danger Brown has decided to invite "the entire internet" to a big hall (because his kitchen is obvs too small for that) and have a "Potato Salad Party". 



All about Zach Danger Brown's potato salad antics can be found HERE